Premium home office PODS

Perfect for setting up a modern, high tech, comfortable home office. 

Rex Hire offer a range of premium office PODS with those wanting their own home office space. Great for those now working from home and are looking for a room apart from the distractions around the house. 

Units are provided carpeted, with power and lighting ready to connect to your power source. We can also provide units with air conditioning 


- Built out of standard house framing, 

- Clad in colorsteel and cedar for a smart modern look.

- Fully insulated walls, roof and floor. 

- Lined with plywood, and carpeted

- Fully wired with LED downlights and 3 pin plugs. 

- Floor area is 10m2 which gives a comfortable workspace. 

- Double glazed joinery  

Rental terms can be as short as 1 month, if you only need it for a short term project. Or we can offer cost effective rates for longer rental periods. All units have lifting hooks and can be delivered direct to your site via a HIAB or on our custom built trailer 

Want to discuss options? phone 0274147006

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